Thursday, February 19, 2009



The history of tattoo pictures dates back to a long time as far back as 2000 B.C. Many tribes in America used tattoo pictures on their body depicting various subjects from mythology to religion, animals, gods, the supernatural and many more. Nowadays tattoo pictures are usually considered to be a piece of body art for the fashion conscious.

Aborigines were the original people who started painting tattoo pictures on their body. They did it by using color into scratches to draw the tattoo. Tattoo pictures were earlier drawn by using a wide range of dyes, pigments and inorganic substances. Nowadays tattoo pictures are mostly drawn by using safe cosmetic substances which are certified by the FDA in US. Drawing permanent tattoo pictures is a painful procedure. Some people prefer to have permanent tattoo pictures of their choice on different parts of the body. Permanent picture tattoos are drawn by using electric machines which have group of needles and different colored paints in them. The needle is pierced into the particular area of the body where the tattoo enthusiast wants the design to be embossed. The group of needle is pierced to bring out the shape which is permanently etched into the body.

Taking care of tattoo pictures after you have painted is important. Tattoo artists recommend that tattoo pictures are not directly exposed to sunlight for a long time. Nowadays tattoo has become a burgeoning industry with various products available for different purposes in tattoo design. There are paints available that are used to draw the tattoo pictures, solutions to take care of the tattoo and different methods to remove the tattoo pictures once you have been satisfied with it.

Quality and hygiene of tattoo pictures is a very important factor. One of the most important factors that should be taken care of in etching tattoo pictures is the hygiene. The needles used for etching should be sterilized and the tattoo artist should ideally wear gloves when he draws the tattoo. There are many professional organizations which guide the tattoo artist with respect to the hygiene features. In certain regions artists who draw the tattoo pictures are required to become member of these professional bodies to legally pursue their art. Prices for etching a tattoo can vary widely. While some tattoo artist may charge a few dollars for drawing a small tattoo picture, other may charge a few hundred dollars for a body tattoo picture.